zeecalc is a calculator intended to be a handy tool for CE.

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25 April 2016
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If you found this calculator useful to your work, please cite this electronic resource as: - V. González-Ruiz, N. Drouin, E. Reginato, S. Rudaz and J. Schappler. “zeecalc”, available online at

zeecalc v1.0b (English)

No install is necessary, only open the file « zeecalc1.0b.xlsx » with Excel.

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zeecalc is a calculator intended to be a handy tool for CE practitioners in every field. It is built using MS Excel, so it will work on any platform running this software. In its current first version, it will use the experimental conditions provided by the user to automatically calculate several characteristics of the hydrodynamic injection, such as injection speed, injected volume and injected amount of analyte. Additional features will be added in upcoming releases. Please feel free to send your comments and suggestions (including bugs and improvements) to victor.gonzalez@unige.ch. For a more detailed user manual in PDF, please click here.