Supplementary material for LABO-STAT 2: Example files

Analytical laboratories have become essential in medicine, agronomy, environment, pharmacy, etc. Every day they produce millions of results that are used to make various decisions. Despite the increasing sophistication of methods, fundamental questions remain about the use of these results. What risks do they lead? To what extent can you trust it? Measurement uncertainty is the parameter that allows to answer these questions.

For many reasons, it is still little used by analysts. LABO-STAT 2 aims to fill this gap by showing how to estimate it and use it in the laboratory. A first volume LABO-STAT 1 on the validation of methods was designed to be practical, LABO-STAT 2 follows the same principle through spreadsheets directly adaptable to concrete cases.

They come in two forms of Microsoft Excel® sheets.

1) “Labo_Stat2_Exemples.xlsx” which contains:

- 8 program sheets named after the number of the chapter where these programs are explained.

- 5 sheets of raw data corresponding to the examples treated in the book.

2) "Labo_Stat2_Exemples.xlsx Version 365" whose content is identical, but which uses formulas only available in the 365 version of Microsoft Excel.

Note: whatever the language used by Microsoft Excel®, the formulas are automatically translated.

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21 November 2022
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