Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry (LCAP)


We are strictly working according to ISO/IEC 17025 requirements and our laboratory is accredited since August 14th 2000 (STS 271). From the development of methods to service analyses, the quality is assured at each step to ensure traceability and reliability of the work.


Traceability of samples is perfectly mastered and documented, from the arrival of the sample all along to the final result. Reliable controls ensure that the entire analytical process runs smoothly. These controls allow us to react quickly in case of non-compliance.


Whatever the challenge, we react in the shortest possible time to respond to a request provided it is in our domain skills. Responsiveness is a key point in the analytic process in terms of technology failures or in the various projects.


The relational aspect is essential in our field. Understanding each problem is necessary to best meet demand. The quality of the result is also related to the quality of exchanges between client and service provider. A satisfaction survey is completed by the customer at the end of each study.

The various services offered:

Our expertise in the analytical field allows us to engage in a range of different fields. The areas of expertise of the laboratory are available here
Our different lines of research allow us to validate analytical methods according to various regulations such as SFSTP or ICH .
The rigor and quality of our work allow us to carry out analyses by liquid chromatography service and by capillary electrophoresis coupled to different types of sensors (UV-DAD, Neon, ELSD and MS) on existing methods, developed by the laboratory or by the customer. In the latter case, a simple transfer method allows us to validate the use of your method in our laboratory.