Welcome to Pharmaceutical Technology

Pharmaceutical Technology lab of EPGL


Our mission is to provide new formulations for specific and targeted imaging diagnosis and treatment of lesions.

Specifically, our research aims at developing submicroscopic biocompatible systems, such as supramolecular constructs, micelles, liposomes, nanoparticles. Depending on the intended application they are decorated with targeting entities such as peptides or antibodies.

A specificity of our activity is not only to formulate submicroscopic constructs, but also to imagine and conceive complex modalities enabling their activation by external sources of energy, such as light, ultrasound, or a magnetic fields. In particular, research is conducted in fluorescent contrast agents, ultrasound reporters, photodynamic therapy, and magnetic resonance imaging for molecular imaging. This is mostly done in close collaboration with partners with biological and clinical background.

These projects generally require the in-house de novo preparation of original organic molecules followed their formulation. Our tasks also encompass in vitro biological evaluations as well as in vivo studies.

Our expertise also covers the solid, semi-solid and liquid forms, which enables us to train pharmacy students on all aspects of pharmaceutical technology and to offer services to external partners.

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