> Clinical Pharmacy Sciences

> Science and practice of rational medication use in real life settings.

Our research areas focus on developing dose individualization (pharmacometry), assessing safety and effectiveness of medication in vulnerable populations (pharmacoepidemiology) and on translating pharmacotherapy evidences into tools or guidelines for the clinical practice (clinical pharmacy).


Pharmacometrics is the science that quantifies drug effect to aid efficient drug development or postmarketing drug optimisation. The group focuses on the description of the relationshitp between drug dose, resulting variability in drug concentrations in the population of interest and drug efficacy or toxicity. The models constitute the basis for development of methods and tools for dosage individualisation with therapeutic drug monitoring.


The groupe focuses on the application of the science of epidemiology to the study of the safety, effectiveness and uses of drugs in real life settings.

Clinical pharmacy

Our research focuses on the development of tools and guidelines for clinical practice and the evaluation of specific approaches for drug use in a clinical setting.

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