Biopharmaceutical Sciences


Biopharmaceutical Sciences examines the interaction of drugs with the biological systems that contribute to their absorption, distribution, metabolism, elimination and toxicity (ADME-T).

For this, expertise in the formulation of drugs and the preparation of drug carriers on one hand, and profound knowledge of biological systems involved on the other hand is mandatory.


The group focuses on the understanding on complex drugs of biological and non-biological origin (non-biological complex drugs, NBCDs) such as therapeutic proteins, nanomedicines and vaccines by using physico-chemical characterization of complex drugs, developing in vitro models representing tissues involved in absorption, metabolism and immune response, and by in vivo studies.

We strive to optimize the interaction between complex drugs and biological systems in terms of an enhanced efficacy and safety.


With regard to the technological part, we are engaged in the development of new formulations and vectors for complex drug application in a targeted and individualized manner.

Such vectors are based on the synthesis of novel (bio) polymers functionalized with functional targeting moieties such as peptides, antibody fragments, and aptamers.


From a therapeutic point of view, we are focusing on vaccination against infectious diseases and new approaches for cancer (immuno)therapy.

Finally, our technical knowledge and scientific expertise allow us to be involved in discussions on complex medicines with regulatory authorities and pharmacopoeias.